What means SUSTAINABILITY to us?

Life is an everlasting cycle. It gets passed from human to the plants and back to humanity. The Quality of our existence is eventually tied to our earth and its resources. The threat of increasingly scarce resources and the pollution of the world's oceans encourage us to use recyclable materials in our production. In addition, it's crucial for us to respect all the resources that enter our value chain.

Choose recycled. Choose life.

We are heading in the right direction, but we are not there yet. We are working every day to improve our value chain. You have an idea how we could improve our materials or production process?


Sustainable Materials - 100% PVC free - Recycled Packaging

Products born from Water

Our ECO Material

Every bag of ours has a different backstory.

But every story of our product cycle starts in the cold and harsh sea, where plastic pollution is a big problem to not only the sea species but also mankind. There, a group of small coastel organizations gather the plastic, which then gets cleaned, sorted and cut into little chunks. After that the small pieces get transformed into plastic pellets, which then are melted and spun into a high quality yarn. This yarn is subsequently sent to our local seamstresses, who weave it into our material and afterwards coat it with a PVC-free impregnation. This ensures that the bag is water repellent and durable for every kind of adventure.

Our partner has the ocean cycle certificate and works according to the GRS guidelines


Production site

We attach great importance to socially responsible and sustainable production, which is carried out in compliance with fair working conditions and wages.

That is why we work with only one partner in China, which we selected after a long research. So that we know for sure that our requirements, for example fair working conditions and payment, social benefits, occupational safety and vacation entitlement, are met, the factory is visited regularly by our colleague on site, who is directly employed by us. In addition, our partner is monitored by external experts such as BSCI.