Why the name Sons of Aloha?

You may ask yourself why we have named our brand “Sons Of Aloha”.

Of course, it sounds great at first and as passionate surfers we love everything that has to do with Aloha anyway!

But the most important reason for choosing the name was to remind ourselves everyday to integrate the spirit of Aloha into our daily lives. To live the values of Aloha and thereby make the world a little bit better.

Aloha starts by learning to love ourselves and then transferring that love to everything else.

So, isn`t it awesome that we can be Sons Of Aloha every single day, even now, while sitting in Munich?


The values we live by

Akahai - Kindness

When we cooperate with our colleagues and partners we pay special attention to a friendly way of working.

Kūlohelohe - Heredity

The secret to life is, not man against nature but man in harmony with nature. We may have outgrown the wilderness, but nature will always be a part of us. That‘s why we need to find our way back to natural or recycled materials.

Mālama - to protect

Respect for nature: everything in life belongs together nothing is unimportant and unaesthetic. Therefore the ressources that go into our production have more than one life - we need to protect them and stop single use mentality.

Ohana - family

The people on this earth are different, have unique stories and ways to live. But what we all have in common is that we all live on this planet.

Meet Nik, Ola & the team!

The spirit behind "Sons of Aloha". As passionate surfers and snowboarders, they both share a love for the outdoors from a very early age.

"Protecting our planet has always been close to our hearts. However, since our daughter was born, the desire for a sustainable brand has grown and grown within us. We want to contribute to leaving a healthy earth for her and further generations to come." Coupled with their years of experience in the bag industry, the two and their team ensure high quality day in and day out.

The Meaning of Aloha

Aloha is the essence of life. It is being a part of everything and everything being a part of you. There are no differences or boundaries between every living thing. It means living in harmony with everything and also to suffer in unity. It is the force or even spirit which embodies life itself.

Akahai - Kindness

We are fair to creatures who can’t protect themselves (vegan)

Lōkahi - Unity

We combine efficient modern design and quality with sustainable materials.

ʻOluʻolu - Pleasantness

We stand for the equality of every living thing.

Haʻahaʻa - Modesty

We actively support the “no single use” mentality.

Ahonui - Patience

We know that it takes many little steps to make a big change.