Let's create change together!

We love nature and its oceans. We love discovering new places or doing sports with friends. Therefore, we develop gear made of sustainable materials, minimalist style and smart functionality... As passionate boarders, it is essential for us to design stylish bags which enhance your active lifestyle. No matter if you are on an outdoor or urban adventure, traveling or just doing sports.

How It Started

Already in the nineties, our founder Ola was surfing regularly and fell in love with the element water. He soon discovered snowboarding and enjoyed the feeling of this sport in summer and winter. On his travels, he started to create the perfect gear to protect and carry his boards and goods.

Following Aloha

Ola made friends especially in Hawaii, California, Munich (river surfing) and Switzerland (snowboarding). Since his time on Hawaii he follows the inspiring Aloha spirit:

- Respect for all

- Focus on the positive

- Everyone should feel comfortable

- Everyone is welcome

- Live in the moment

- Go with the flow

The Plastic Problem

Especially since the turn of the millennium, the major problem of marine litter has become increasingly visible. All kinds of rubbish, plastic bottles, nets, but also oil damage and pollution became more and more visible. Now every year, 12 million metric tons of plastic enter the oceans. That’s equivalent to almost two truckload dumped into the sea every minute of the day.

Plastic pollution is everywhere, even in the arctic. Microplastic is already found in our blood and lungs.

"We need to act now!"

Future generations in mind

Together with his wife Nik, they developed their first bags back in 2009. From the beginning, they paid close attention to durable workmanship, organic materials as well as timeless design.
"The protection of our planet has always been very close to our hearts. But since the birth of our daughter, the desire to contribute to leaving a healthy earth for her and future generations has grown within us."

Hollistic Approach

It's not enough to "just" use recycled materials. Our partners and our team are dedicated to protect the enironment and its people in all areas:

- Reduce pollution

- CO2 - compensation

- Fair working conditions

- Recycled or organic materials

- Supply chain transparency

- Reduce usage of plastic

- Organic cotton (bio quality)

- Durable products

The more we consume, the more we damage the basis of our existence. Important raw materials that are essential for life are becoming scarcer, toxins from waste are entering the environment, and forests are being lost as CO2 reservoirs. The only solution is to change the way we consume.



We need to reduce plastic production and consumption. Everybody can take small steps in daily life. For that, we increase children's knowledge about the plastic problem. CO2 experts help us to recognize the effects of our actions. We found alternative ways to further minimize our emissions, e.g. shorter transport routes, alternative transport methods and avoiding waste.


We would like to use Sons of Aloha as a platform to help people around the world to be more aware of valuable resources and to avoid waste. You can avoid waste by giving things like one-use plastic, plastic bottles or plastic packaging a second chance and a longer life. For more information on sustainability and reusing former waste products check out our journal.


For our products we use only organic or recycled materials. With every bag sold from range KANE, we thus collect 2.5 kg of plastic from the ocean. This marine plastic would otherwise have further polluted the oceans, affecting the lives of many marine animals. We return materials back into the economic cycle that would have otherwise ended up in the garbage.

Research & Innovation

Over 10 years Experience

Style and sustainable design is our passion. However, this can only be achieved with the right partner, who has the same demands regarding materials, working conditions and sustainability as we do. Therefore Nik and Ola visited several production sites in Europe, India, China and Vietnam.

After a long search, we found the perfect yarn manufacturer in Suzhou, China. This partner can already look back on 10 years of experience in the production of recycled materials. Our colleagues have been producing yarn from recycled plastic since 2012 and are constantly innovating through their own R&D with more than 100 patents.


We love the beauty of nature and its oceans. We want to protect it and create products that allow you to discover and travel worry-free.

We want to give you the opportunity to go out and live your passions to the fullest. Whether you're chasing the next wave, exploring the mountains with your friends or just skating down the street.

The values we live by

Akahai - Kindness

When we cooperate with our colleagues and partners we pay special attention to a friendly way of working.

K?lohelohe - Heredity

The secret to life is, not man against nature but man in harmony with nature. We may have outgrown the wilderness, but nature will always be a part of us. That‘s why we need to find our way back to natural or recycled materials.

M?lama - to protect

Respect for nature: everything in life belongs together nothing is unimportant and unaesthetic. Therefore the ressources that go into our production have more than one life - we need to protect them and stop single use mentality.

Ohana - family

The people on this earth are different, have unique stories and ways to live. But what we all have in common is that we all live on this planet.

The Meaning of Aloha

Aloha is the essence of life. It is being a part of everything and everything being a part of you. There are no differences or boundaries between every living thing. It means living in harmony with everything and also to suffer in unity. It is the force or even spirit which embodies life itself.

Akahai - Kindness

We are fair to creatures who can’t protect themselves

L?kahi - Unity

We combine efficient modern design and quality with sustainable materials.

?Olu?olu - Pleasantness

We stand for the equality of every living thing.

Ha?aha?a - Modesty

We actively support the “no single use” mentality.

Ahonui - Patience

We know that it takes many little steps to make a big change.

Great backpack for both, weekend trips and everyday use

Needed to get something quickly for a weekend trip and I picked this one. I liked the look and the fact it's made of sustainable material. Turned out to be great choice for a weekend trip - comfortable, perfect volume to pack all the stuff I needed for 4 days. On a rainy day - worked like a charm. ... very happy with the purchase.


(Almost) perfect

Very fast delivery with tracking info. 5 stars for the seller.
Super thoughtful layout, very robust, very good quality.
Only downer (and therefore no surprise and no point deduction): relatively heavy, thus for a flight with weight limit only conditionally recommendable.
For any other form of travel, however, perfect. I'm already looking forward to packing!

Les Eratte


Huge travel bag, ideal mix of suitcase and travel bag. The extended handle is still large enough to attach a notebook, a carry-on bag, or even a travel bag with appropriate loop to it. For us ideal for vacations by train / ship.