Every individual has its own unique life and happiness is a precious feeling that everyone longs for. It is not something that just happens to you. You need to work for it. What if I tell you that you are the key to your own happiness? It’s not only the people your surround yourself with, but you. With a few small steps you will bring happiness back into your life!
  1. Practice Optimism – Always look on the bright side of life!
Easier said than done. It’s normal to either focus on the positive or the negative in every situation of our life. Your goal now is to change the way you cope with different situations. You literally need to re-wire your brain.
But how do I alter my thought process? Good news! It’s not that hard. Start by trying to find something positive in every moment you face and stop avoiding the negative flow of thoughts, but acknowledge your worries and, moreover, learn from them. For that its essential to challenge yourself and question your thinking. E.g., what is the basis of your thinking? Did it come from evidence or feelings? Could you therefore misinterpret the situation? How would you react if this situation happened to someone else?
When you allow yourself to find the hidden reason for your thinking and acknowledge it, you're one step closer to a happier life.
  1. Surround yourself with people you love

You want a happier life? Then surround yourself with people that lift your mood and inspire you to do better. Other people can not only influence the way you feel, but also make you more confident. So remember, it is more important to have good friends than have many bad ones. 
  1. Regular acts of kindness
When you share happiness, it gets doubled! Especially during Corona, the relationships of people got more important. Younger people shopped for their  grandparents and older neighbors or kept in touch with the family through letters and video calls. If you make others happy, you make yourself happy. Maybe this is your cue to join a social club and help other people.
  1. Say yes to experiences and no to objects

In such a consumer-addicted time like we have right now, owning objects is a  mood booster. In the long term, however, it usually brings you nothing much. Therefore, you should rather gain experience in many different things that interest you. Have you ever dreamed of doing something daring in high air? Then go for it! Book a parachute flight or even a bungee jump. These are activites that will last a lifetime!
  1. Give more hugs
Even though there are fewer hugs nowadays, they are great happiness-boosters. When we get hugged, our body releases "happiness hormones", or "oxytocin". This substance has a calming effect and thus helps to reduce stress, which in turn makes you happier.
  1. Spend time in nature

A study from England came to the conclusion: "People who spend at least 2 hours a week in nature live a happier and healthier life than others." In nature, you'll also find the happiness maker par excellence. Vitamin D. It is essential for life and 90% of it is formed with the help of sunlight. In addition to that, soothing background scenery of birdsong, rustling trees or the wind have a calming and decelerating effect. So go to the nearest park, forest or into the mountains to feel happy long-term.
  1. Smile, Smile, Smile

You smile when you feel happy. But did you know, that even when you’re not happy now, a big smile can make you feel much happier? Just try it the next time your uncomfortable or sad.
  1. Exercise
Even if it is an overcoming for most at the beginning. Sport makes you happy! While you are active, the happiness hormones dopamine, serotonin and endorphin are released. These make you happier and more focused in the long run. So, to bring out your best self, you should incorporate regular exercises!
  1. Don’t compare
"There is no comparison between the sun and the moon." Every human being is different has different strengths and weaknesses. There is no perfection. So, stop trying to be like other people and stop comparing yourself to others. It won’t help you in any way, but bring you down.
Hopefully our tips were useful to you! 
Have a happy day!