Plastic Free Planet

Plastic Free Planet is a nonprofit organization that fights against pollution of the oceans. Their mission is to remove, recycle and avoid plastic. There are over 150 employees in Southeast Asia and Africa who remove plastic waste out of the ocean with their hands. Later it is picked up by the recycling companies and taken to a larger collection point. There it is sorted again and in the end used for new products such as chairs etc.

„3 meals a day, sending children to school, electricity, a visit to the dentist - these are just a few examples of what our employees really want - and thanks to your help and our activities, they can now achieve it. All of our employees abroad are paid above average. In the countries where it is possible for us, the employees have social insurance.“

Plastic Free Planet is a global nonprofit organization, working to help people get access to safe water and sanitation in an affordable and cost-effective way. Today 771 million people lack access to safe water at home. And 1.7 billion don't have access to a toilet. The water crisis negatively impacts the health and livelihood of more than one-third of our global population. For 30 years, made it their mission to bring water and sanitation to the world. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, pioneers market-driven financial solutions to the global water crisis.

„We’ve empowered more than 43 million people in 17 countries with access to safe water, sanitation, and the hope, health and opportunities they bring. And we are expanding our work and reaching more people in need, faster.“

Sustainable Coastlines Hawai‘i

Sustainable Coastlines Hawai‘i is a nonprofit organization that organizes beach cleanups, coordinates educational programs and helps to host zero waste or sustainable events. SCH started in 2010 with a small group of friends. They decided to take keeping their beaches clean into their own hands. Since then with the help of more than 35.000 volunteer SCH has removed more than 500.000 pounds of plastic from Hawaii’s coastlines. That already inspired better consumer behavior all over the world. Educators of SCH focus on defining marine debris, where it comes from, how it affects wildlife and people, and most importantly: what we can do about it.

„After spending a couple of hours doing the hard work with the SCH crew, we know that you will never look at plastic the same.“

Sustainable Coastlines Hawai’i


IGSM is an association in Munich that advocates the preservation and development of surfable waves which allows people to practice river surfing in harmony with nature. IGSM has been originally an association of active surfers who enjoyed Munich surfing scene. Based on the campaign to legalize the Munich Eisbach wave, an active group was formed that today tries to represent as many issues as possible for Munich river surfers.

„We are committed to maintaining waves in the city and the surrounding area, fighting for new surf spots, negotiating with the city's government and supporting young people in practicing this sport“