Our conviction

Protecting our planet

The quality of our existence is ultimately tied to our earth and its resources. The threat of increasingly scarce resources and the pollution of the world's oceans are prompting us to rethink the use of materials. If we want to leave a planet worth living on for future generations, we need to act now. To make a positive impact, we use natural or recycled resources. With the help of many local volunteers and our partners, we are protecting our planet from plastic pollution.

Give plastic waste a second life

As in Hawaiian thinking, all things have more than one life. That is why it is particularly important to us not to use new plastic for production, but to give plastic waste that would normally be thrown away or end up in nature a second chance.

Sustainable product at a fair price

Recycled material is expensive. Compared to the price the earth has to pay for products made from new plastic, it is absolutely worth it. However, we don't want to pass on the additional costs to you and therefore make sure we offer good value for money.

Durable products

We make products that accompany you on all your travels and have minimal impact on the environment. Our focus is not only on the timeless aesthetics of the product, but also on its practical usability. That's why, before products are added to our family, samples are made and put through their paces by us personally. In the end, we can proudly offer you the perfect travel companion for your daily adventures.

Close circuit

A closed value chain is currently neither a reality nor standard in the world. We are working every day to make this reality ours. Our products are designed to stay with you forever. But if you change your mind or your product breaks, we will gladly take it back in exchange for a voucher. In this way, we ensure that our products never end up as waste in the sea or in nature again.

Reduce packaging waste

Our products are shipped with as little packaging waste as possible. We have already been able to do without plastic for our smaller products, such as backpacks and bicycle bags. We have not yet found a suitable alternative to plastic for our larger products. However, we are already working on finding one.

Short and CO2-saving transportation routes

We do not want to cause unnecessary CO2 emissions through our production or transportation, so we try to source the raw materials from regions close to the production site. To this end, it goes directly from production to us, where it is then shipped to you. Only in extremely urgent cases is it sent by water or air. Instead, we usually use the new rail route from China to Germany