You know the drill?

Vacation is over, you come home and realize you haven't worn at least half of your clothes and you've been upset far too often about how bulky and heavy your duffle trolley is.

We want to spare you this stress from today!

And now for the tips :) Plan and prioritize Before packing, take time to plan thoroughly. Carefully consider which items are really important and make a list of the essentials you want to take with you. Prioritize them according to their importance for your trip. This way you avoid unnecessary luggage and can concentrate on the essentials.
  1. Save space with the roll technique

The rolling technique is our absolute favorite trick and so helpful! Roll your clothes tightly instead of folding them and start with the larger clothing items like jackets and pants. This allows them to be stored more compactly and creates fewer wrinkles. Plus, you'll keep better track of your stuff since it's easy to see when rolled up.

  1. Protect sensitive items Be sur to protect your electronic devices, sensitive accessories or items when packing. For example, use padded sleeves or separate bags to avoid possible damage. You should also store these items near the bottom of the suitcase or bag to minimize shock and pressure so that everything stays intact.

  1. Choose multifunctional garments

    Choose multifunctional garments Opt for garments that are versatile to save space. Scarves, for example, that can be turned into hats, headbands or beach towels are great. These can protect you from the cold, sun or wind. 3-in-1 jackets are also popular clothing items. They consist of an outer layer and an inner jacket that can be worn separately or together. 

  2. Pack liquids correctly

    Stow liquids like shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste in your carry-on luggage in a clear, resealable bag. You can also use small travel sizes or transfer your liquids into small containers to save more space too!

  1. Extra tip for soft shell suitcase

With our water-repellent travel bag, for example, it is good if you place heavy objects on the bottom of the case, near the wheels. This stabilizes the center of gravity of the suitcase and makes it much easier to handle during transport. Use the divided compartments for shoes to avoid soiling your clothes. The side pockets are great for small items like electronic accessories.

Now you are well prepared and can save yourself the stress of the next packing!

Aloha and have fun on your next trip!

Your SOA Team :)