KANE Kollektion

KANE products are made from recycled materials and designed for an active and sustainable life. The collection consists of:

KANE backpack: This backpack made from recycled PET offers plenty of space for adventures. Whether for work, university or traveling - the KANE is a loyal companion. Robust and spacious, perfect for exploring 1.

KANE wheeled suitcase: The best-selling KANE wheeled suitcase is designed to carry valuable items and collect memories. Ideal for weekend getaways and longer trips 1.

KANE trolley & backpack: This 2-in-1 piece of luggage is perfect as cabin luggage. It has a water-repellent coating and water-resistant zippers 2.

Bike bag KANE: A practical bag for cyclists, also made from high-quality nylon and recycled PET 2.

Explore the world with Sons of Aloha and their durable, sustainable bags and backpacks! 🌴🎒

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