The well-known topic: Unfortunately, we spend far too much time on our mobile phones.

According to various studies and surveys, the average mobile phone usage time for young adults between 18 and 25 years is about 3-4 hours per day. Just think what you could have done in that time.



Here we share with you 5 simple steps on how to spend less time on your mobile phone.

Step 1. Become aware and set goals

Ask yourself how much time you spend on your mobile phone every day and what negative effects you might notice. Do you often get headaches, have trouble falling asleep or perhaps suffer from back pain? Be sure to set realistic goals at the beginning, such as reducing screen time by just one hour per day to minimise such complaints. This way you can increase week by week.


Step 2. Create digital-free places and times

This step is easy to implement and achieves the best results in the long term. Here you do without your smartphone in certain places. This can be areas such as the bedroom or your desk.
Of course, you can also do this in nature when you are out and about and you meet up with friends for a hike or a walk or you arrange to meet in a café. It also makes sense to skip "checking your phone" at certain times of the day, like right after you get up and just before you go to bed, and instead start or end the day with a short stretch.


Step 3: Turn off notifications!

The constant distraction of WhatsApp messages or Instagram can lead us to spend more time on our phones than intended. Turn off these notifications for certain apps or activate do not disturb mode. You can also rearrange your home screen by placing only the apps you really use frequently and hiding other apps in folders or on additional pages. This helps to reduce the temptation to look at your phone all the time.



Step 4: Find alternative activities and set priorities


A really effective way to spend less time on your mobile phone is to find other alternative activities that you enjoy and that grab your attention. Engage in hobbies, exercise, read books or spend time with friends and family. Consciously prioritise and ask yourself if the time you spend on your phone is really in line with your goals and values.


Step 5: Find allies

Integrating a Digital Detox often requires a lot of perseverance. To make it a little easier, grab a friend or family member who has similar goals and support each other! Exchange experiences, share tips and motivate each other in difficult moments. Be patient with yourself and allow yourself the occasional exception.

So, let's not waste time :) 

Aloha, your SOA-Team